Knickers in a Bunch

Womxn’s art show produced by April Hoff and Artingales. Open to U.S. womxn each year for March exhibit recognizing Women’s History Month. (Exhibit exclusively online and lengthened for 2021 due to Covid-19)

Shopping is now limited to merch and exhibition catalog. If you had a specific artist you wanted to purchase, please email and I’ll see if there are overstock cards or stickers available. Stay tuned for the entire show to be archived here soon! -Thank you!

Museum in Red
Dragonfly Days 1
ladies in waiting
Comparison is the Thief of Joy
Emily geiger
Pandemic Bloom
My Textured Life
Blue Lagoon
Buttery Beauty
Shelisa, Goombay Goddess
Paint the town
The Unicorn Slayer
Working Womxn
My Friend Aliya
Strange Dreams
Black trees
Our Lady of the Pandemic
Mr. & Mr.
Open Door
Shelisa, Goombay Goddess
Women Adrift
Cesarean Garden
Can Can Gal
LoriMsardines for lunch
Lion in Love
Reclining Venus D'Ursa - April Hoff





Knickers in a Bunch 2020 Best in Show

“Happy and Sad” by Cherie Savoie Tintary, SOLD

Knickers in a Bunch 2020 Greatest Emotional Impact

“Rules of Redemption” by Emily Lux, Available at time of publication

Knickers in a Bunch 2020 Most Feminine

“Dislandia” by Cherie Savioe Tintary, Available at time of publication

Knickers in a Bunch 2020 Most Online Votes

“Neda the oyamel” by Lori Mirmesdagh

Knickers in a Bunch 2020 Honorable Mentions

These two pieces were tied for Best in Show before the tie breaking vote


All 2020 Submissions


Knickers in a Bunch 2019 Archive

After seven 2019 works received equal votes by our jury panel, a guest juror chose the top three from the tied entries in the online exhibit.

First Place

Reviving Hilda, Ice Cream - by Amy Pence-Brown
“Reviving Hilda, Ice Cream” by Amy Pence-Brown

Second Place

Anxiety - by Kharma
“Anxiety” by Kharma

Third Place

Your Greatest Gifts and Deepest Wounds Reside in the Same Area - by Nicole Maki
“Your Greatest Gifts and Deepest Wounds Reside in the Same Area” by Nicole Maki

Honorable Mentions (derived from first round tie)

All submissions to Knickers in a Bunch 2019 (thumbnails, click and scroll down for larger view) If viewing the thumbnails in random order, not all will show.

Thank you for participating, artists. See you next year!

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Title: Found Object: We're Reminded All of the Time - by April Hoff
Author: April Hoff
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