Pajama Parade in the Parking Lot

In March, thirty juried artists delivered work to the second Knickers in a Bunch women’s art show, its first time moving from online to a physical exhibit. Unfortunately the show was only open for one week when Oregon had to shut down for Covid-19. Now that we are allowed to reopen, we’re practicing social distancing and requiring facial coverings for the last three weekends of the show. Because we also missed our planned Nightie Night vintage fashion show, we’d like to invite you to a fun alternative. Join us as a *participant or passing observer in the Parking Lot Pajama Parade and final show procession, which recognizes strict social distancing and fashionable facial coverings.

We anticipate Washington County will have entered Phase 2 of reopening by the 27th, but ask that anyone interested in participating in the pajama posing parade please email Use the subject Pajama Party and include the number of people in your household that would like to participate. Once we know the final decision for group gathering limits we’ll notify on a first emailed, first reserved basis.

What does it look like? Circles will be chalked onto the parking lot with six feet between them and arrows showing the directional flow. Registered participants need to wear any public appropriate pajamas or knickers, footwear, and a face covering. Face coverings can be as fashionable or outrageously creative as you like, as long as they’re functional. Households with multiples that can fit into a circle may pose together. Every couple of minutes, the group will move through the procession to the next circle to strike a pose. Near the building’s entry, participants will have the option of entering the exhibit or continuing toward the lot exit.

Casual observers are expected to practice social distancing and use public walkways leading up to the property or watch from across the street. Public will be allowed access to the exhibit with 6′ distancing.

The remaining exhibit days follow. Please come show support for these talented creators.
Friday June 12, 1:00-7:00PM
Saturday June 13, 11AM-2PM
Friday June 19, 1:00-7:00PM
Saturday June 20, 5:00-7:00PM
Saturday June 27, 7:00-9:00PM (Parking Lot Pajama Party & Closing Event)