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Knickers in a Bunch - National Art Show Prospectus (2021)

The thin:

  • Womxn 18+ years and residing in the US
  • No entry fee to upload and exhibit online
  • No restriction on creation date
  • Original does not have to be available
  • Work must not have shown in a previous year's Knickers in a Bunch show
  • 50/50 split of showcase and greeting card proceeds
  • Earliest entries will be the first processed for print / sale
  • Show advertised March 20 - June 30, may be viewable online indefinitely
  • Submissions open until May 31, 2021
  • Sales end June 30, 2021
  • 10MB image max (minimum 5x7 inch or 1500 x 2100, 300 ppi)
  • Limit 1 entry per artist, regardless of medium


The thick:

Knickers in a Bunch show announcement by April Hoff with appropriated vintage cancan woman illustration


Open to all womxn 18+ years residing in the US. Work must be photo of original creation, no copies of other artist’s work. Eligible Media: All two-dimensional and three-dimensional works adequately represented in digital/photographic form which have not been submitted in previous Knickers in a Bunch calls. Poetry may be submitted if it fits 4x6 inch vertically and is aesthetically pleasing as an image. All entries will be displayed online, entries available for card production depend on the quality and timing of submitted file. Disproportionately underrepresented persons in the art world, such as BIPOC, Disabled, and LGBTQIA+ are encouraged to apply.



This show doesn’t have a specific theme and is open to all womxn and their aesthetic. The following concepts are only examples, any work is welcome. Controversy. Women’s bodies, ideas, voices, and femininity (or lack of) have been the subject of controversy for a long time. Feminine. Wrought with meaning, imposed both internally and externally.  Beauty. Applicable to anything from people and decorative art to objects and art about and featuring death. Emotion. Sometimes considered weak and tamped when expressed, exhibited in a range from base to immensely deep.




The main show sponsor is Artingales, you may see correspondence or show related publications from Artingales and owner April Hoff. Additional sponsors are welcome to donate to support advertising and card production, or tip specific artists. Business sponsor inquiries should be directed to for more information.



If you want to enter under a pseudonym, please provide that information during online entry, but you must use a working email for communication and commission payout. Emails are not visible to viewers unless entered in the separate description field during submission.



Artists who upload to the show grant Artingales, April Hoff, and the Knickers in a Bunch show the right to use their images to facilitate the exhibition. Uses include: marketing the exhibition, public display online during show dates AND as part of past exhibition archives, optimization and image cropping to meet printed card requirements, offer for sale artist showcase cards subject to stated commission rates. Artists grant the use of their image as stated without further contact or additional compensation. Artists retain full copyright to their images, granting only limited license-for-use and reproduction as outlined.



No fee to submit photos to the online show. 50% proceeds commission for any card or sticker sales. Proceeds are profits after printing/shipping costs.



Artingales, April Hoff, and Knickers in a Bunch assumes no liability for theft, loss, or damages caused by participating in the exhibition. Artists acknowledges they are rightful owners of the work submitted, and are in agreement with exhibition policy and requirements.



Sales are not guaranteed, and depend on quality of images and public demand. In the event of card sales during the exhibit, the artist will receive 50% of proceeds and Knickers in a Bunch will retain a 50% commission to cover advertising, assembly, and packaging time. Payment from sales will be made to the artist via CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, or business check no later than July 16, 2021, provided accurate contact information has been submitted.


How Sales Occur: April will download submitted images and optimize them for print on approximately 4 x 6 flat, two-sided cards that include exhibition and individual artist information, and/or 5x7 folded greeting cards that include exhibition title and artist information. Optionally, we will also be offering stickers of the artwork if April has time to convert them into sticker files. Cropping will occur for any images that don't match these specific sizes, and aesthetically pleasing areas will be showcased. Artists are not required to submit images that match these sizes, but should follow the minimums listed above to ensure good print quality.



Just visit the upload form, fill out all of the information and attach photo to submit. That will register you with the site should you need to edit your entry later.

RETURNING USERS LOGINHave you already submitted to a Knickers call? Your login information is likely still the same, email if you need a password reset. Logging in will save you from duplicate name errors and wasted time. If your name is in the upper right, you’re logged in and ready to add. Then visit this upload link and the image upload form will appear. After uploading your image, you'll be sent a username and password, use your email address instead of the name listed with the password to login if you need to edit your submission. Go to Login Page.


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Phone:  April Hoff 503-929-4088 (texts welcome)