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Knickers in a Bunch 2025

The 2025 Knickers in a Bunch call for artists is open for submissions until Feb 1, 2025. Women artists age 18+ from the United States are invited to Submit Online to be considered for jury acceptance. The exhibition will take place mid-March 2025 through mid-April 2025 at The Kathrin Cawein Gallery in Forest Grove, Oregon. Enter the 2025 Show>

Knickers in a Bunch 2023

The 2023 Show didn’t have enough artists for either of the exhibition options even after a rolling deadline.

Thank you to the artists who did enter, please join us for the confirmed 2025 exhibition!

  • Alyssa Cumpton
  • April Hoff
  • Cherie Savoie Tintary
  • Geneva Houx
  • Jenni Belotserkovsky
  • Jennifer Jesseph
  • Karen Erickson
  • Laura Hopper
  • Lori Mirmesdagh
  • Margo Ellis
  • Shiela Lesh
  • Valerie pace Donley

Knickers in a Bunch 2021

This year’s “show” consisted of Covid-friendly Collector Cards & Greeting Cards. Artists from across the United States shared their art, see all of the images on the 2021 page.

Knickers in a Bunch 2020

We had our reception right before Oregon closed for Covid-19, check out a few photos from that night in our Square Store. Or see the whole show in this YouTube video of stills, or this quick exhibit walk through video. (Must be watched on YouTube due to age restrictions)

Knickers in a Bunch 2019

The first Knickers in a Bunch show was an online exhibit and contest. Check out the prize winners and honorable mentions.